February 23, 2009

This Valentines Day, the distant sun gave some love to New York City.

sweet and gritty

eye candy

We crossed the bridge to take a vacation in Soho, where crowds with scarves and shades blossom on the narrow sidewalks. Boutiques announce ridiculous sales without ceremony, trinket mongers chew straws and perch in unseasonable lawn chairs, the people look most anywhere but ahead. Suddenly, a dark formation cuts through the contented droves.


The silver sneaks catch my wandering attention at a crosswalk, and I am pleasantly surprised as my eyes travel upwards: an apron of baggy leather cutoffs hangs over straight-legged pants and a structured yet relaxed peacoat a la regal downtown gramps – now we’ve got something! But the piece de resistance are the trousers of their leader…

leaderManeuvering through the crowds on able grasshopper legs shod in elongated booties, this one also layers homespun elegance into a slick, urban uniform. That band of mossy fisherman sweater connects his perfectly twisted and bellowed dandy pants and sporty jacket, it’s curled, chunky neck lends pensiveness and a little vulnerability to his shaved noggin. Fashion is about taking risks, after all.

Slicing aloofly through the crowd, this flock in knit and leather reminds me of ravens, who in late winter are the small lords of the pinon forests of Arizona. Riding the sharp air solo, they convene in glossy cliques against the snow. They strut with their shoulders raised, at once majestic and scrappy, serene but watchful, and aware of being watched.


Tapped into their own soundtrack, this wayward formation injects some original style into the thawing streets of Soho.

tough and hard to find

With love from New York!


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