This is a correspondence between two friends: our first collaboration since a laminated, first-grade publication titled “You Think You’re So Cool.”  Over the years our paths diverged to college and places far from home, and met again at the crossroads of the art and fashion worlds in New York City.  Here we have moonlighted as amateur cultural critics, chasing the zeitgeist, sometimes in the top-hatted guise of Gotham past, or in the garb of hobo faeries. Now one of us sets forth to travel the world for a year, while the other remains to explore the peculiar manifestations of this city’s cultural spectrum.

This is a correspondence between what we find: an experiment in the collection of daily observations and inspirations, from the radically dissimilar to the unexpectedly familiar.   We respond not only to what we see but also to one another, linking our local perceptions of personal aesthetic and cultural style in an investigation of the unique and the global, where and how they intersect.  Like a cache of postcards, we hope to gain and document an aggregate impression from these inscribed snapshots and eye-catchers.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. cedric said

    exciting! adding to my blogroll!

    love cedric
    (with a fresh wound from a rogue cyclist in milan)

  2. Shadi Lolaki said

    A great idea and a great piece of writing!!
    Can’t wait to see how this develop!!
    You girls ROCK!!

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